Creative Social Network Campaigns by Brands

How can a brand successfully use social media to engage its audience? The question remains elusive to those marketers who are still stuck in the old ways of thinking; pushing the message out there, interrupting, fighting for the attention of their target audience. Using social networks to attract potential customers is what social media for business is all about. But this is easier said than done; social networks are about connection between people. How can a brand connect on a personal level? It seems that successful brand campaigns on social networks have to be creative and innovative, and they have to connect people. Brands that have been successful at this include Old Spice and Sharpie, as well as many other smaller, less well known businesses.

The Old Spice Guy

Here’s a great article with seven examples of successful and creative brand campaigns using social networks: 7 Creative and Successful Social Network Campaigns by Brands

What other brands have mounted successful social media campaigns?


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