Instagram Terms of Service Controversy Causes Mass Exodus! [Infographic]

Did you ever wonder why Facebook would buy Instagram for $1 billion when it had no revenue? I think we have an answer now; the huge user base represents fantastic advertising potential (provided users don’t leave en masse!) In reality, anyone who understands business knows that business needs cash flow. If you aren’t paying for a product then you are the product. Here’s an infographic that describes the recent backlash against Instagram and ends with my theory on why the company put such controversial language in their terms of service (which they then retracted).

Instagram Backlash Infographic
From Heather Pinson’s blog “HeatherPins!”

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<img src="" alt="Instagram Backlash Infographic"></br><a href="">From Heather Pinson's blog "HeatherPins!"</a>

By the way, if you manage an online business there is a way to turbocharge your social media promotions by aggregating all of your social media and displaying it on your own website; this solution is called Postano! Check it out! There’s even a free trial! (The product is the product in this case… you are the customer.)


Quick and Easy Ways to Add a Facebook Feed to Your Website

  1. Postano allows you to add a Facebook feed that auto-updates. You just add your Facebook address and they give you an embeddable code which you copy and paste into your site. You can also add Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and RSS feeds to the “iframe”, so it’s all aggregated in the same page allowing users to interact with and follow all of your social channels. This is a premium app so it’s great for income producing sites, and since it’s not free you know that not everyone is going to be using it. There is a free trial, though.
  2. Facebook provides a plug-in that allows you to add a comments thread to any page and allows FB users that are logged in to comment. The cool thing about this is that commenters can opt to have their comments published to their Facebook page which can increase interactions and drive traffic back to your page.
  3. This video tutorial describes how to take a bit of code (provided by David Taylor Webmedia) to which you simply add your Facebook page address. This gives you an iframe with a live feed of your Facebook page. Simple and effective! They also have a lot of other helpful videos about internet marketing.

Tools to Add Instagram Feeds to Your Website

  1. Postano

    Postano is by far the most elegant application that I’ve seen for adding Instagram to a website, but it does so much more! You can also aggregate the feeds from all of your social channels and display them in one, elegant iframe… you can even embed it on your Facebook fanpage! There is a free trial so you can try it out, and the pricing starts at $10 per month.

  2. Embedagram

    Embedagram allows users of Instagram to embed their most recent photos on their websites, weblogs and anywhere else an HTML <iframe> is embeddable. It’s a much more simple solution than Postano, but it may be enough to suit your needs.

  3. Simply Instagram

    Simply Instagram is a plug-in, so if you aren’t on that platform then this isn’t for you. Again, not nearly as robust as Postano, but it gives you several options for how to display Instagram photos and looks good.

  4. Webstagram

    Webstagram is mainly an app for viewing Instagram on the net, but they have a widget that you can put on your webpage that displays your latest photos in the sidebar. There are also video instructions for tumblr, and Blogger/Blogspot so it’s especially worth a look if you’re on one of those platforms.

  5. To be honest, I was surprised by the lack of options for embedding Instagram on a webpage. Is there something I missed? If so, please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to add them if they fit the bill. Happy Instagraming!

Creative Social Network Campaigns by Brands

How can a brand successfully use social media to engage its audience? The question remains elusive to those marketers who are still stuck in the old ways of thinking; pushing the message out there, interrupting, fighting for the attention of their target audience. Using social networks to attract potential customers is what social media for business is all about. But this is easier said than done; social networks are about connection between people. How can a brand connect on a personal level? It seems that successful brand campaigns on social networks have to be creative and innovative, and they have to connect people. Brands that have been successful at this include Old Spice and Sharpie, as well as many other smaller, less well known businesses.

The Old Spice Guy

Here’s a great article with seven examples of successful and creative brand campaigns using social networks: 7 Creative and Successful Social Network Campaigns by Brands

What other brands have mounted successful social media campaigns?

54 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update2012]

Some more content curation for y’all…

See on Scoop.itsocial media aggregation

If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need social media monitoring tools. Before you reach for your wallet and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services.

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Examples of how companies use live Twitter and Instagram feeds for events


Nine West using a Postano in their new store in Manhattan

Given the right tools and setup, social media can be an awesome way to engage your tribe at your live event. It can lower the distance between provider and customer, and help to drastically increase value co-creation. Imagine attendees sharing Instagram photos, tweeting at pre-defined hashtags… and you hosting this aggregation on your webpage or on Facebook… the possibilities are kinda inspiring when you have tools that make the execution flawless and beautiful. It’s really pretty cool when your users do a lot of the content creation for you! Postano recently posted a blog with examples of companies using their social media aggregation tool to great effect; check it out!

Live Twitter and Instagram Feeds for Events

Curate All of Your Social Media Content and Integrate It in Your Website with Postano

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See on Scoop.itInstagram for Business

Robin Good: Postano is a social media content aggregation and curation platform that can be integrated in your web site or Facebook page.

Through its internal dashboard it can be set to agregate coming from any of your social media channels. From WordPress or Tumblr blogs to Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, Postano offers a comprehensive array of social media sources to tap into. Additionally you can add any RSS feeds that may be relevant to you.

Postano allows you to pick and select which content you want to publish and how you want to it look and appear. Your curated channel can be finally integrated as a full embed in your website and/or added as a tab to your Facebook page.

One great key feature available as a WordPress plugin but also usable with any other publishing platform allows for all of the content and links “embedded” in your site via POstano to be also fully indexed by standard search engines.



More info:

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Rank the Top 10 CEOs of Twitter

While the CEOs of the world have been notoriously slow in getting on the twitter-train, there are a few who have adopted and embraced this platform. CEO’s such as Marrisa Mayer, Mark Cuban and Rupert Murdoch have adopted the platform to promote themselves, their company, and causes they believe in. They also use it to display some personality and to demonstrate their high regard for customer service by reaching out directly to customers. Head over to this list on and rank them for yourself!Top 10 CEOs who Tweet from